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O’Donnell, Kimberly Brice, King's College London


Parker, Alice, University of Liverpool
Pattinson, Juliette, University of Kent
Phillips, Chris, Leeds Trinity University
Powell, Matthew, Independent Scholar
Preston-Hough, Peter
Prestwich, Michael, University of Durham
Pugh, James, University of Birmingham


Robbins, Ian, King's College London
Roberts, Andrew, King's College London
Roy, Kaushik, Jadavpur University, Kolkata


Samuels, Martin, Independent Scholar
Schreibman, Susan, Maynooth University
Shaw Cobden, Lynsey
Sheffield, Gary, University of Wolverhampton
Sheffield, Gary
Sheffield, Gary, University of Wolverhampton (United Kingdom)
Sheldon, Jack
Sherit, Kathleen
Simkins, Peter, University of Wolverhampton
Simmers, George, Sheffield Hallam University
Singh, Gajendra
Smalley, Edward, University of Kent
Spacey, Beth, University of Birmingham
Spiers, Edward M.

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